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The Berkeley Heights Animal Hospital is owned and operated by Dr. Don Costlow, owner of the Newton Veterinary Hospital,a 24 hour veterinary hospital in Sussex County, NJ.  By joining forces with the Newton Veterinary Hospital, clients of the Berkeley Heights Animal Hospital will also benefit from the following tremendous resources and services of a 24-hour veterinary hospital:

  • Berkeley Heights Animal Hospital medical records can be accessed any time of day or night from Newton Veterinary Hospital in the event of an emergency.
  • Emergency doctors at Newton Veterinary Hospital will know everything about a pet’s medical background in order to treat quickly and safely.

Click here to visit the Newton Veterinary Hospital website: www.NewtonVet.com

The emergency services available to your pet at Newton Veterinary Hospital include:

  • Intensive Care Ward - A staff of highly trained doctors and technicians attend to the critical needs of our Intensive Care patients 24-hours a day.  Whether it is a blood transfusion, medication management, or breathing assistance in an oxygen cage, you can rest assured that your pet is being carefully monitored around the clock.  Like human medicine, it is critical that your pet receive any medications or treatments with consistency throughout the day or night and, if any changes are required in the treatment plan, they can be implemented immediately.  Our goal is to get your pet out of harm’s way and back on his feet as quickly as possible.
  • Animal Blood Bank - Newton Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer the region’s only Animal Blood Bank.  Thanks to our blood bank, we have the ability to provide life-saving blood to pets during life and death emergencies such as severe trauma or illness.  Pets, just like humans, may require blood transfusions for genetic, surgical, chronic or emergency illnesses.  With on-site stored blood products, resident feline donors, and an emergency donor list, Newton Veterinary’s Animal Blood Bank provides life-saving blood transfusions 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.
  • Surgery - Doctors at the Newton Veterinary Hospital are trained to handle a wide variety of surgical cases using traditional, electrocautery and laser surgery techniques.  Surgeries such as cesarean sections, fracture repairs, tumor removals, foreign body removals and cystotomies are all performed at our facility.  If a case requires a specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon, our doctors all work hand in hand with board certified specialists that can be consulted concerning your pet's needs.
  • In-House Laboratory - We have the ability to perform blood chemistry evaluations with our state of the art analyzer and have the results within 30-minutes.  We can evaluate your pet's organ functions, screen for diabetes, and check red and white blood cell counts all on premises.  Tests such as urinalysis evaluation, vaginal cytology, fecal exams, feline leukemia tests and FIV tests are completed by our staff so you can have the results before you leave the hospital. We also work in conjunction with a veterinary laboratory that performs certain specialized tests for us and is staffed by certified pathologists.
  • Endoscopy & Ultrasonography - At the Newton Veterinary Hospital, our special procedures room is equipped with an endoscope and ultrasound machine.  Our ultrasound machine is linked to the internet to give us the ability to consult with board certified radiologists concerning your pet's images.

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Berkeley Heights Animal Hospital has been caring for your sick pets since 1976. Located on Springfield Ave, our hospital offers cutting-edge veterinary care such as vaccines, surgical procedures, dog and cat spays/neuters and much more. We will treat your pet like family!

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